Private Diary of J.K. Dick Cunyngham Br Gen 10 May 1918

Private Diary of J.K. Dick Cunyngham Br Gen


MAINZ Germany


Friday May 10th.  Scheme for Orderlies returned.  No notice taken of it; appears Germans don’t like us to organize anything. – But shall now see Block Commanders and try again.  Present state of things is hopeless.  Letter from Red Cross, Geneva saying they had sent my wine on the 25 April, calculate it got home about 28th; heavy thunder showers 4.30 – 6 p.m.  Walked with B.M. after supper for 30 minutes.


War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 10 May 1918

War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 10 May 1918




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May 10 1918



So far we have only had one fine day, and that was yesterday. One fine day does not seem much for spring to produce.  As war eats time summer will be here soon, and we ought then to have a bit of sunshine…


The mail came up under sad circumstances…


Last night we fired a large number of shells, and it must have annoyed the Boche, for he replied vigorously each time we opened fire, luckily not on us.


At present I am in a deep damp dug-out with two entrances which cause a nasty draught. A heavy gun just behind us fires continuously, and each time it does so it blows the candle out, or the acetylene lamp.  It has been relit countless times by a patient subaltern.  As he is just out from England he is trying to be considerate, poor devil.