War Office letter to Mrs Dick-Conyngham dated 5 May 1918

War Office letter to Mrs Dick-Conyngham dated 5 May 1918





M.S.3.Cas/518. A.                                                                              5th May 1918


The Military Secretary presents his compliments to Mrs Dick-Conyngham, and begs to inform her that, from information contained in a telegram sent to the Central Prisoners of War Committee, London, by the British Red Cross Society, Copenhagen, and submitted to the War Office for consideration, it appears that Brigadier-General J.K. Dick-Conyngham, C.M.G., D.S.O., (previously reported missing on the 12th April, 1918), is a prisoner of war in good health in German hands.


The camp in which he is interned is not yet known, but as soon as this information reached the War Office, Mrs. Dick-Conyngham will at once be informed.


It has been accepted for official purposes that Brigadier-General Dick-Conyngham is a prisoner of war, and a notification to this effect will appear in the casualty lists in due course.


The Military Secretary is desired by the Secretary of State for War to congratulate Mrs. Dick-Conyngham on the safety of her husband.




Mrs Dick-Conyngham,

28, Coleherne Court,

S.W. 5.