War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 5 Apr 1918

War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 5 Apr 1918




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April 5 1918.



It is horrible to be cut off from all news of home, and for that matter of what is going on out here. No one knows where our mail bags have gone to; probably they are wondering round Italy seeking us.


Ages and ages it seems since we left Italy, where the sun was shining.  Here all is mud and rain and confusion and uncertainty.


The Boche seems to have halted for a bit, no doubt to reorganise, and bring up food, stores and big guns. He has out-run his communications.  No doubt he will have another go to try and cut his way right through.  We must see how many more we can slaughter in the process.  Everyone is fairly confident, which is THE great thing.  It is no good worrying.


It is strange to be back where we were two years ago at this time. Our old wagon lines are in Boche hands, though, I am sorry to say.  We shall have to do a Somme push all over again, but this time I hope we shall be more successful.


The Gothas are leaving you in peace, I hope, and that no long range gun is firing on London as on Paris!


News I may not give, so all letters are thin. The censor would cut out what I should like to say.


Once the guns are in the line now, there we stop, at least until this little show is over and safely settled one way or another. It will probably take some time, but it has got to be done.


The weather is cold and wet, typical French and fighting conditions.


Horses and men are fit, I am glad to say. The men are keen to help the poor devils who had such an awful time of it last week.