G. Hammond letter 21 March 1918

Envelope Army PO S 71 Mr 24 18

to Miss G Hammond, 6 Countess Street, Davenport, Stockport Cheshire.

Canadian YMCA letterhead


Somewhere in France

Same address as previous

March 21st 1918

Dear Gladys

Just a line to let you know I have again arrived in this most glorious country.  How is Aunt and Uncle these days and yourself are you studying hard?  I just wish I could drop in and take you to the play again.  Did you go to see the “Mikado”?  Oh by the way go easy on the rations.  Gladys I didn’t like to mention it while I was there but you looked extremely well on short rations.

I am parading now and you should see me I have wasted away to a shadow.  I have not wrote to George yet so he will have something to say when I do I suppose.  I was detained two days in Folkestone on my return but after that straight going until I arrived here.  I had about twenty letters waiting for me so this must be a note.  Remember me to all including Turk, mother says she is well tell Aunt.

With love


Excuse scribble and pencil GGH