F. Springett letter 18 March 1918

Somewhere in France


Monday March 18th 1918



My Dear Brother Sid,

I received your welcome letter today so pleased to hear that you were quite well.

So sorry I haven’t been able to write but I have been awfully busy you know.  We are going up the doings again tonight.  Ha Ha.

Yes those cigarettes & toffees were jolly good they came just as I were going up to the line.

It was awfully good of her, I have written to her.

Her brother is in a very good lot I have seen quite a lot of those chaps up this way.

Glad to hear that you had a nice time at Gravesend.  We are having some lovely weather out this way now.  We can do with it too.

I had a letter from home yesterday and they told me that Ted took Lilly home for the week-end and then this morning I had a letter from her.

My word I do get some letters.

You can guess where I am when I send cards but don’t worry about it there’s no piece made for me. Ha Ha.

I wrote to Dad yesterday and ask him for a few things of course we can’t keep getting chatty out here. Ha Ha.

Yes I suppose you have some lively times up your way but my word I can tell you we have a few.

Dear Sid, you need not trouble to send those mittens on just now “thanks” the weather is getting better and I shall not need them. “Thanks all the same.”

If you don’t receive letters from me for a few days don’t worry about it it’s because I am up the doings. Ha Ha.

Well Sid, I don’t think I have anything to say this time. Hang on in the works as long as possible.

Hope this letter finds you in the best of health as it leaves me A1.


Best Love

I remain

Your Loving Brother



With cover to Mr S.K. Springett, 29 Bath Road Dartford Kent

Postmarked Field Post Office 5X A 19MR 18. Passed by Censor unreadable.