Letter from MA Hammond 25 February 1918

103 Downham Road


London N1


My dear Ted, Mary & Gladys

I am just writing you a line or two hoping this letter will find you in the best of health.  I have had an attack of Bronchitis & have not done any work for over a fortnight.  I kept getting fresh cold nearly every week.  I kept going on until I could not go any longer.  The Air Raid on Jan 28 gave me such a shock that I could not get over it.  I got another cold & then Bronc followed.  I am glad to say that I did not take any more cold through the raids a week ago.  I am hoping to start work tomorrow or Wednesday. I have not been able to get any meat for the last 6 weeks but on Sat I got a bit of leg of beef through writing a P.C to the butchers that I had registered with & telling him I wanted it for beef tea.  I wonder how we shall go on. I should not mind if we were could get good bread & butter.  Our B is so dry & a ¼ of butter is nothing for a week.  I think I got run down through not having sufficient nourishment.  Well I hope things will be better soon.  We must do our part in trying to win the war.  We have not to face terrible things that our dear boys have to face at the front.  The Kaiser must think that he is going to win since he can do what he likes with Russia.

Hoping Fred & George are still alright & that you are all well in health with love to all

Yours Affect


P.S. I think Frank joins up this week.