Alf Smith letter 14 February 1918

Feb 14th 18

My Dear Father

I thought I would send you a few lines to know how you are getting on.
Did you receive my letter, I shall be glad to hear from you although of course it is not sufficient time to receive a reply, but it seems a long time when one is waiting. It seems ages since I was at home have settled down again now & looking forward to the next leave it won’t be for sometime yet worse luck.
We are miles away from the front that we were on so long & you may guess I am not sorry. We are in a village not many inhabitants living here, most of them have gone away; my chums & I have been for several walks the villages are all the same so there is not much chance of buying much we discovered one shop where you can get fried eggs & chips not so bad eh! You can get vin blanc but it is more like drinking vinegar cider is better.
The country is grand very hilly, with woods, streams, & waterfalls.
What sort of weather have you been getting it has been almost like summer here but to-day has been wet.
Have you seen Ciss lately? I had a letter from Affie, they are quite well completing their moving I think.
Well there is not very much news to tell you so must stop now. Shall be pleased to hear from you soon.
Hoping you are in the best of health & merry & bright. Glad to say I am A1.
With much love from
Your devoted

Dear Dad,

I just remembered that it is your birthday on the 19th, so I am adding a few lines to wish you many happy returns of the day. I should like to be at home to spend it with you but never mind I hope we shall soon be able to celebrate the end of the war we will make things buzz then.
Just going to have dinner; have had a morning up on the hills practicing going into action with guns mounted on the mules it was fine sport.
Well au revoir with very best wishes from Alf

P.S. Have not received any letters yet; but I see they take about 5 days to reach us here so I expect I shall get some to-morrow.