G. Allen letter 9 February 1918



My dear old dad,


I owe you all letters I think.  I can’t remember writing you a personal letter since your letter dated 2nd inst anyhow.


I am glad you have got the Scotch shoot all fixed up now.  You were inclined to be doubtful at one time of drawing one cover, & I am glad it has come off without a hitch.


So the trip is coming off at last.  The weather is certainly better for it.  I hope he comes round this way.  Tell him I think we can find him as good a dinner as he will get in most places in London now – & a bottle of ginger ale too!  I wish you could come with him dad.  You would love it & it would be splendid if you could come & see how I am fixed here.


I am much amused at your story of the half-pig.  Things will soon come to such a pass at home that one will have to go about with a solicitor always at one’s elbow.


I am glad to hear you are feeling first rate.  I hope you keep so.  I have been top-hole but am a bit off it today, so wasn’t sorry when a rugger match in which I was playing was scratched.  A couple of pills will put me right by tomorrow.


Nothing much has happened here. The Colonel has gone to the South of France for a fortnight – seedy.  3 others have gone to Paris for 6 days & the remainder of us are doing a bit of work here.  Not too strenuous, but something to keep us occupied.  I wish to goodness I could get down to some work which would be of use to me in my normal life.  When occasionally I air the grouse that I have lost 4 valuable years of my life, I am told that to show for them I have got a broader outlook on life – a wider knowledge of human nature & of dealing with men.  Perhaps I have, but that is not going to earn me a living wage by the time I am 26 or 27.  It worries me at times to know what the devil I am going to do.  However – enough of grousing.


With my best love


Your loving son



With cover addressed to A.W. Allen Esq., Duffield, Nr Derby. Stamped Field Post Office H.7 dated 10 Fe 18 also Passed by Censor No 3477. G. W Allen.