Alf Smith letter 5 February 1918





Feb 5th 18


My Dear Father


Here we are again back with the M.G.C. arrived yesterday afternoon you can bet it is a bit rough starting again but I expect I shall soon settle down.

Well how are you keeping merry & bright I hope.  I was thinking of you on Sunday & I expect you were wondering how far I had got on my journey.  It was very good of Peter & Charlie to come to the station with me I think it was the best way I caught the train easily, & had a good trip across the Channel.

I had a real good holiday could not have enjoyed myself better & I must thank you very much for all that you did for me especially for the trip to the Oxford it was grand & also for the money you gave me I have enough to carry on for a month or two now.  I have not spent anything since I have been back, Ciss packed me up with plenty of cakes & you can bet I just enjoyed the pie.  When did you go home from there?  They do everything that is possible to give you a good time it was impossible to do any more for me than they did I am sure they thought of everything.

You will be glad to hear I found the boys out for a rest, been out about a week we are not far from where I left them but we are going much further back in a day or two for about six weeks; it sounds too good to be true but I am looking forward to a good time.  They are sending some of the attached men back to their Battalions the Essex have not gone & I hope we shall not have to.

We are sleeping in huts on wire beds the feathers are very hard am not quite used to them yet.

Cannot think of any more news to tell you I shall be looking forward to hearing from you soon.

I hope you are still in the best of health; take care of yourself.  Glad to say I am A1.

Cheerio.  With much love from

From your devoted



P.S. The razor goes fine much quicker than the old sort.  I think I shall have a run down the village to-night there are two cinema shows here not so bad eh!  What sort of weather are you having it is grand here almost like summer.