War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 17 November 1917

War Diary of AA Laporte Payne




Brigade Diary, Personal Diary, Operation Orders, Note Books, Memoranda




17th November 1917


A, Battery 175th Brigade, R.F.A.




Two Sections              One Section                TOTALS

Train No                      Train No

232                              235


Officers…                                  4.                              2.                                  6.

Other Ranks…                        121.                             64.                               185.


Light draught..                                    )113.                            57.                               123.

Riders                                      )                                                                       47.

Heavy Draught                          4.                              2.                                 6.


TOTAL HORSES..                                                                                        176.


Guns 18pdr. Q.F.

with Limbers                           4.                                 2.                                 6.

Ammunition Wagons              8.                                 4.                                 12.

Wagons G.S….                       3.                                1.                                 4.

Water Cart                              1.                                 -.                                  1.

Mess Cart                                                                    1.                                 1.

Total Vehicles                                                                                                 24.


17, November 1917





Entraining Station, Loon-Plage.


TRAIN Serial Nos.                 UNIT.                         Time of                        Date.

No.                                                                              Departure.

  1. B.40.                           Headquarters

B.43a.                          1/3 How. Battery        11-45                           18th Nov.

  1. B.43.                           2/3 How. Battery        17-45                                do
  2. B.41.                           2/3 A. Battery             23-45                                do
  3. B41a.                           1/3 AB                                    5-45                            19th Nov

B42a.                           1/3 BB

  1. B42.                            2/3 BB                         11-45                                do
  2. ½ Brigade Amm. Col.                         17-45                                do
  3.         do                                                               23-45                                do


Acting Traffic Officer




16th Nov. 1917


(The whole Brigade want via VINTIMILLE with the exception of Train No. 3 2/3, A. Battery.)


F Springett letter 17 November 1917

56153 Rfln F.W. Springett
A Company 3rd Platoon
51st G. Battn Kings Royal Rifles

My Dear Brother Sid,
Just a few lines in answer to your letter of a few days ago, so sorry to hear that you have a rotten cold. I am still very well at present.
Its awfully cold here now, you must excuse the writing as my hands are nearly perished.
Glad you have plenty of work to do, hope you may continue to have plenty.
We still keep fairly busy, plenty of route marches, and all that sort of thing.
We went through the Gas Chambers on Thursday of course I passed alright Ha Ha.
I think I told you I were a Lewis Gunner didn’t I, well we are going to pass our test next week. I want to pass, and I don’t think it matters thank you.
I can’t promise to be home for Christmas yet.
Sid, probably I shall though, for the last time. Keep this to yourself, don’t tell them at home.
Well, Sid I had a decent parcel from home again this week. It was alright.
You might address my letters as Pte again until I tell you to alter it, they are a funny lot.
I suppose Ted is still alive and enjoying himself. I don’t hear from him yet.
Yes, this is rather quiet down here now, but it is a lot better place than Harwich, my word that was some place.
I suppose you didn’t keep on smoking did you Sid, that wasn’t in your line “was it”?
I don’t think I have any more news this time. So Goodbye Best Love
I remain
Your Affec Brother
Frank W
Write soon

With cover to Mr S.K. Springett, 29 Bath Road Dartford Kent
Postmarked Margate 9.45PM 17 No 17