Letter from Jack Hammond 12 November 1917

Sent with letter of 23 Nov 17



PS Bill sent me a bottle of pickles the other day


Dear old Jack

Your’s to hand I recognised the place immediately, rather bon beer there evidently we crossed on our journey.  You will be glad to learn that I am now a captain .  you are an old dog to have the cheek to go on leave while your young brother is doing the old shell hole work but take it from me old man you *** to be steady with the ***.  I am not exactly sweating on leave yet being the 5th ***.  I should think in a months time I ought to be somewhere near.  We may get home together yet.  I suppose it’s too cold to do any bathing where you are.  We had quite a nice lot of swimming here.

I am looking forward to a good bottle of Bass it will **** something to get tight now at home.  Well so long drop me a line as soon as you know you are going.  I would not mind a round on the links with you.  I think most of the time would be spent in the Golf House.  Don’t forget to buy some **** when you go home.

Yours *** *** Jack

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