Routine Orders 3rd Army 31 October 1917



By General Hon. Sir J. H. G. Byng, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., M.V.O.


Wednesday, 31st October 1917.




1218 – Economy in Paper.

Many cases have come to notice recently of the wasteful manner in which A.F. B.158 is used by units for their returns of officers and warrant officers. As many as 20 copies of the form have been used in the compilation of one of these returns, and the number of names on each has varied from twelve to six.  These names could well have been written on one sheet of blank paper attached to one or two copies of the form.


In view of the question of paper shortage, which has become a very acute one, it is essential that every economy be exercised in the use of forms, and in the case of the form now under observation, where it is impossible to place all the names on one or two copies of the form they should be continued on a blank sheet of paper which can be affixed to the form.

(A.C.I. 1584 of 1917).


1219 – Leave – Entry of in Pay Book.

A recent inspection at a Base Port of the pay books of a number of soldiers proceeding on leave revealed the fact that in 24 per cent of the books examined, G.R.Os. 1267 and 2684 had not been complied with.

It is pointed out that it is impossible to ensure the accuracy of the return rendered monthly under A.Gs. D/1978 of 16-9-17, if these records are not kept up as ordered.

An immediate inspection of the A.Bs. 64 of all ranks in the Third Army will be instituted by all Commanders of Units, and this inspection will be carried out every month in future.

This order is to be republished in all Corps, Divisional and Brigade Orders.


1220 – Infectious Disease amongst Civil Population.

All cases of infectious diseases occurring among the civil population will be notified by Maires to Town Majors, who will place the infected premises out of bounds to British troops and at once report the case both to the O.C. the Sanitary Section of the district and to the D.M.S., Third Army, direct. Where the occurrence of such cases comes to the knowledge of Town Majors, without having been reported to them by Maire, similar action will be taken, with the addition of a note to the effect that the case has not been reported by the civil authorities.


1221 – Courts-Martial.

  1. On 21-7-17, after being warned to parade for the trenches, No. S./15240, Pte. T. Ward, Gordon Highlanders, absented himself from his unit and remained absent until he reported himself at St. Omer about 20-9-17.

The accused was tried by Field General Court-Martial on a charge of Desertion, was found guilty and sentenced to Death.

The sentence was duly carried out at 6.26 a.m. on 16-10-17.

  1. On 20-8-17, No. S./15954, Pte., N. H. Taysum, Black Watch, paraded with his company and proceeded to the trenches. At 8 a.m. on 21-8-17, Pte Taysum was absent and remained absent until he surrendered as an absentee at 10.50 p.m. that night.

The accused was tried by a Field General Court-Martial on a charge of Desertion, was found guilty and sentenced to Death.

The sentence was duly carried out at 6.26 a.m. on 16-10-17.

Attention is directed to Circular Memorandum on “Promulgation of Death Sentences” A.G. B./8001 of 26-12-16.


1222 – Lost Passes.

The following is a list of Lost Passes for week ending 20-10-17:-


British Serial Card Passes –

9159, issued to No. 20447, 2/A.M. Edmondson H., 13th Wing R.F.C.

9437, issued to No. M2/166952, Pte. A. Hicks, att. R.C.E.5.


British Serial Card Passes:-

7751, issued to Sergt. Dean, 21st Divl. Signals.

14987, issued to Pte. T. Huntingdon, A.S.C., M.T., att 4th London Fd.        Ambulance.

5776, issued to No. 75501, Spr. A.T. Willding, 8th Bn., Canadian Railway            Troops.

—— issued to No. M2/045862 Pte. J. Howley, A.S.C.

Other Passes –

Carte d’Identite No. 5288, in favour of Interpreter Goubaux, att 40th Division.


1223 – Discipline.

Para 4 of A.R.O. 1043(as amended by A.R.O. 1152) is cancelled and the following substituted.

  1. MESSES. At the discretion of Commanding Officers, beer, cider and light wines only may be sold and consumed during canteen hours in recognised Sergeants’ and Corporals’ Messes. They may also authorise the issue of beer to the troops with meals in camp or billets under the supervision of an officer. In the case of all purchases of beer, cider and light wines, whether for Officers’ or N.C.Os’ Messes, or for Canteens, the purchaser must be in possession of a written order signed by an Officer not below the rank of Captain and stamped by the Orderly Room stamp of the unit concerned.




1224 – Fuze No. 101 E.X. for 6-inch Mark VII., and Mark XIX. Guns.

Owing to prematures occurring (outside the bore) with 101. EX. Fuzes with 6-inch Mark VII. and Mark XIX. Guns, the use of No. 44 Fuzes will, so far as possible be reverted to with H.E. shell for these two natures of gun.

No. 44 Fuzes are now available at Ammunition Railheads to be drawn in replacement of all No. 101. E.X. Fuzes held with this ammunition.

Fuzes No. 101. E.X. and No. 101. X.E. will be used only when Fuzes No. 44 are not available.

Fuzes rendered surplus at Railheads by the exchange will be sent to the Base.

Authority; Q.M.G., 17/10 (Q.B.2) dated 23-10-17 – O.A./78/225.


1225 – Fuzes T. and P. for 60-pdr. Shrapnel Fired with Reduced Charge.

The No. 82 fuze will function, and may be used, with reduced charge in this gun: a suitable fuze-scale is incorporated in the new Range Table, 40/W.O./4306, dated 9-17, which has been issued to all concerned.

Fuzes No. 83 Mark III. will also shortly be available for use with reduced charge for this nature of gun.

Authority; – Q.M.G., 49/6 (Q.B. 2) dated 22-10-17 – O.A./78/167.


1226 – Ordnance Q.F. 18-pdr. Air Recuperator. – Lubricating of Guides.

The following stores are authorised for the lubrication of the surface of the keys on bottom of recuperator case Q.F. 18-pdr. recuperator.

per carriage.

Lubricators, Stauffers No. 3 pattern H.                     1

Pipe lubricating Recuperator guide                             1

Clip pipe lubricating Recuperator guide                     1

(Complete with screws).

Indents should be submitted through the usual channels.

Authority; – O.S.M., 363/2 (B. 1), dated 24-10-17 – O.23/43.

As the above stores are not available in large numbers, early issue must not be expected in every case.


1227 – Pleyau Stereoscope.

Approval is given for the issue of one Pleyau Stereoscope to each Special Coy. (Cylinder or Projector) R.E. for use in studying aeroplane photographs.

Indents should be submitted through the usual channels.

Authority – Q.M.G. 11/1 (Q.A. 3) dated 21-10-17.


1228 – Soyer Stoves to be regarded as Area Stores.

With reference to A.R.O. 1143, dated 6-10-17, Soyer Stoves issued under the above authority, will be treated as area stores and will not be taken away when units and divisions move from one area to another.

If the number of Corps or Divisions is decreased after the stoves have been issued, any stoves thus becoming surplus to the scale referred to, will be returned to Base through O.Os. concerned.

Authority – Q.M.G. 7/15 (Q.A. 3), dated 22-10-17.


1229 – Air Recuperators, Q.F. 18-pr. – Care and Preservation of.

It is of great importance that the following instructions be carefully observed by the Commanders of Batteries armed with 18-pr. Guns with air recuperators, with a view to reducing the number of failures of Front Cap Recuperators.

The recoil adjusting gear should never be used until it has been ascertained that the Buffer Reservoir is properly filled.

Lack of oil in the Buffer Reservoir means lack of oil in the Buffer, and consequent high Buffer stresses, with the result that recoils are lengthened or the Front Cap Recuperator collapses.

The replenishing of the Buffer Reservoir is a simple operation and instructions for filling are given upon a plate attached to the cradle.

Authority: – Q.M.G. 3/2 (Q.B. 3), dated 24-10-17 – O/23/43.

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