Our batteries opened up promptly on time (5.50AM) but it was noticed that many batteries about C.4.5. and 6 and South of these Squares opened up a full minute ahead of our batteries at Zero Hour.
The enemy barrage came down about a minute and a half after Zero Hour.
5.55AM The enemy barrage was very heavy consisting mainly of 4.1s and 5.9s and was laid down principally on BELLEVUE CREST and the GRAFENSTAVEL ROAD. The enemy put up a very large number of Double Green Rockets at this time
6.00AM Enemy sending up many Golden flare and Double Green rockets and his barrage covers our whole front back to the old Support Line.
6.20AM The enemy barrage still very heavy and very intense on the zone immediately to our right.
6.30AM Our F.O.Os report that the Infantry got away to a good start and seem to be making good progress keeping well up to the barrage. Several Very Lights were fired on our front.
6.40AM Small parties of the enemy were observed running towards the rear of PASSCHENDAELE RIDGE.
7.00AM Our Infantry reported to be moving forward in the vicinity of DUCK LODGE. The C.M.Rs on the left have gained the Intermediate Line and the Infantry on our right can be seen pushing ahead and so far do not appear to have had many casualties.
7.10AM Our Supports were seen going up through a heavy barrage in the vicinity of FRIESLAND. Some prisoners were seen coming in on the right. Two enemy red flares sent up on our immediate left.
7.15AM The infantry on the right appear to be held up by heavy M.G. fire and are not keeping up with the barrage. 50 prisoners seen coming in. A large number of the enemy can be seen walking without equipment north along road through V.30.c.
7.20AM Our infantry reported to be about D.5. central.
7.25AM Our infantry can be seen in the vicinity of MEETCHEELE evidently organising for defence. One white Very light went up on the right brigade front.
7.30AM Enemy shelling on our immediate front becoming less concentrated.
7.35AM The Infantry appear to be held up in front of FRIESLAND COPSE but are making progress on the right.
7.45AM Enemy barrage now extends along the low ground from D.3. central to D.10. central and consists mainly of 5.9s
7.55AM Our infantry are still held up in front of FRIESLAND COPSE and some of the men can be seen working round it from the right.
8.00AM Our infantry reported to have passed the Intermediate Objective but heavy M.G. fire has been encountered inflicting many casualties. About 30 prisoners have passed through our lines belonging to the 364th Bavarians.
Enemy barrage appears to have shortened and is still very heavy.
8.15AM Our Infantry appear to have overcome most of the resistance around MEETCHEELE. About 100 of the enemy were seen to run through D.6.a. towards the rear.
8.30AM One Very light sent up on the Right Brigade front.
8.45AM Enemy barrage seems to have slackened off considerably.
9.00AM A large pillbox about D.5.c.90.98. is holding up the right brigade with M.G. fire and enemy snipers and causing many casualties.
9.15AM The Infantry appear to have captured and consolidated the high ground and pill-box in D.5.d. central.
9.50AM The enemy seems to have concentrated his shelling in D.4.d. and around WATERLOO.
10.10AM One hostile aeroplane registering on our forward batteries. Enemy seen concentrating about V.30.d.40.60. Enemy are now heavily shelling MEETCHEELE CREST, FARM and RIDGE.
11.50AM It is reported that the P.P.C.L.I. are established along the road from D.5.b.2.5. to D.5.a.4.7. and that the 49th Bn. are connected with them but slightly to the rear, and digging in in front of FURST FARM and GRAF WOOD, which separates our right flank from the 72nd Battalion. It is apparent that our infantry have suffered very heavy casualties from Machine Gun fire and sniping. Reinforcements can be seen going forward. The enemy barrage is now on BELLVUE CREST and MARSH BOTTOM.
Previous to this an S.O.S. had been reported on the zone to our Left on which all batteries opened up and it appears that the artillery has broken it up. The right brigade appears to have overcome all resistance around MEETCHEELE and are establishing a line close to there.
2.00PM The front has become very much quieter and the hostile shelling very light.
3.00PM It is reported that the enemy are massing for a counter attack about V.29.c.8.4.
4.50PM An S.O.S. was reported on our front and also on the zone immediately to our right. All batteries opened up at once but it was soon found out that our front was quiet, but apparently a counter-attack had taken place in the area to our right.

GENERAL There was a very high wind during the morning and we had about 20 aeroplanes up but they had great difficulty in manoeuvring. There was very little enemy activity.

Adjt 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade.