A Smith Field Post Card 19 October 1917



To T. Smith, 24 Palmerston Rd, Bowes Park, The Anchor, 1 Bankside Southwark London.  Postmarked Field Post Office 20.  21 OC 17 also Wood Green *.45 PM 24 OCT 17.


I am quite well

I have received your letter dates Oct 11th Regd.

Letter follows at first opportunity.


Signature only. A. Smith  Date  Oct 19th 17


F Smith letter 19 October 1917

Green envelope letter. To Mr. A.E. Smith, 152, High Street, Southend on Sea. Essex. England. Postmarked Field Post Office 20. 21 OC 17.
Oct 19th 17
My Dear Albert,
I expect you are wondering when you are going to hear from me but this is the first opportunity for sometime. I was glad to receive your interesting letter.
We have been on the move lately, & spent two days in the line it was like hell itself but thank God I got through safely we are now out for a few days & have got to go up again you can bet I am not looking forward to it but the sooner we go & get it over the better.
Well now to answer some of the news in your letter. For a start I hope you have not had any more air raids they have been very busy lately. How is Affie & Joy I suppose they are still away & I hope quite well I will write to her again the first opportunity but have got so many letters to answer at present so please give them my best love when you write.
Well old boy how are all the alterations going I can guess what a lot of inconvenience it must make for you & a moving job as well but I should think a house will be much better for you when you get settled; I only wish I was at home to help you. Your description of the house &c sounds fine I only wish I could come home at once I don’t like the thoughts of a winter out here it is very rough already with so much wet.
There is a regd letter from Father probably a ten shilling note but have not got it yet as we have to apply to the post sgt. For it. It is very good of you to mention about sending some more goodies but do not trouble while you have so much to do as I know what a rushing time you have old chap I am hoping to have done our bit & be out for a rest again in a week or a bit longer & I shall be able to enjoy them then.
You will have a jolly fine garden it will be nice for Joyse couldn’t we make it look fine with fish ponds &c we must do some more fishing next summer.
What do you think about this D—war as you say it seems as though it will never end.
How is Ansell & all other friends whom I know give them my best wishes.
Please excuse more news now as there is several more letters I want to answer & it is parades nearly every five minutes of the day.
Glad to say I am quite well but rather fed up with everything at present. I trust you are all in the best of health & not overworking yourself.
With much love from
Your devoted