G Hammond letter 3 October 1917



My dear F & M & Gladys

Cheer Oh!  I was delighted to receive your letter the other day.  I was unable to reply immediately for we have been on the move.  Glad to hear Pa vanquished the red dragon.  She is an awful cat.  I suppose Gladys is back at college again now.  I do hope she passed the final.  Well there is very little to tell you really.  I had a PC from Gus yesterday he is quite OK.  I was awfully sorry I was unable to meet him but I may drop across him soon.  I had a letter from Bill this evening saying he had sent you 5/- for the fund.  If you will make it up to 2£ I will let you have a cheque for 15/- as soon as possible.  How’s Ma I hope she is keeping quite fit.  Leave has started in small quantities so I may be home before Christmas.  Well this is all now.  My very dearest love to all.

Your loving son


PS sorry I can’t write more but time is short just at present.