F. Hammond letter 29 September 1917



Dear F & M

Just a line to say I am jogging along merry & bright.  Glad to receive Gladys letters & to hear you are all jogging along nicely.  I have been rather busy just lately but taking things easy at present.  I suppose you saw our lot mentioned in the papers a few days ago.  We did very well and have hopes of greater things before long if the weather keeps like it is at present.  I accidentally met Stan Burrows about a fortnight ago in an estaminet and had a few French beers & a chat with him.  He’s been having rather an exciting time of it lately & considers himself lucky up to now.  I intended seeing him again but a course we are like birds of passage moving here and there.  Still it was nice to meet one of my old golfing pals.  I also spent a day with Jimmy Milne the fellow from the Orkney Island who used to send the short bread.  He’s going on all merry & bright.  I also spent a day with Tommy Earlam he’s still in the same old place.  Allcock was some distance away but think he’s gone up again now.  So you see I have met a good many lately.  Some of my old Brigade Section boys are near & paid me a visit last night.  It was quite like old times to be amongst them.  I have been looking out for Geo as I believe he isn’t very far away but not seen him up to now.  Its two years since I was round this part & it’s altered somewhat from the last time I was here.  Still it’s nice to meet so many old friends.

Hope Par isn’t trying to run his section all on his own if he is I hope he’s not letting it worry him.  Also I hope Mar is keeping her pecker up.  Have you put many pickles in the jars.  Think I may get Leave between Nov & New Year with a bit of luck.  Had a letter from Uncle Ian chastising me for not writing but you know there’s very little to talk about really.  So Bowly is OK for a little longer.  Remember me to all the fair sexes who are mixed up in the family now a days.  I suppose I should feel out of it when the War is over.  Still you know what will keep 2 will keep one much better.  Well I think this is all this time.  Hoping my tyke doesn’t starting biting anyone otherwise he’s going to cost me something.

Cheerho Gus de Grabit

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