G Hammond letter 22 September 1917


My dear Gladys

Cheer Oh!  I am now back again with the Bn and feeling much happier I am so very sorry about that miserable rotten letter I wrote but as you say I was feeling a bit fed up and out of sorts however Pa’s letter arrived just afterwards and bucked me up wonderfully.  The main reason why I wrote such a vile letter was because I was awfully disappointed at not receiving a letter from home on my birthday.  It was my first thought in the morning that whoever else forgot I should have one from home but it’s all right now and I have quite got over it.  I am glad you found the cheque book I quite thought I had lost it.  So pleased Ma likes the purse but I thought it would not be long before Gladys gets hold of it.  Ma seems to be coming a leading light in the Church work.  The next thing will be the parson saying “Mrs Hammond will hold her monthly sewing class.”  How does the pipe smoke?  I lost mine the other day much to my annoyance.  Let me have the watch as soon as it is ready.  I am working on an Ingersol lately which varies considerably.

You will have seen in the paper that all 2 Lieuts. of over 18 months commissioned rank become lieutenants Oh I nearly forgot Humbolt is away at present in charge on a school so I expect to be OC Coy for some time.  It was in orders that I had taken over the other day.  Whether he will come back soon remains to be seen.  I thought about you the last part of the holiday the weather was rotten.  I was awfully sorry to hear you were not so well.  I suppose you have been eating too much.  I had two PC from Gus the other day he is quite OK.  He is in the same place where I was for my course I heard their division had arrived there the day I left which was a bit of bad luck otherwise I could have met him.  I was not aware that Barters son had been wounded.  You see we has very little to do with other companies.  I received the asprin oh but am quite fit now thanks.  Oh I could not write last Sunday as I was in the line for two days.  Don’t send me any shop cakes.  I only want the proper stuff.  No shop cakes for R****.  So old Gus expects to be in civilian clothes by next Christmas.  I hope so.  The whole family seems to be very prominent in church work lately, but how Gladys can possibly resemble a marigold I don’t know, how about a sunflower.

How does the red “gun carriage” go now.  I hope it is doing a bit better than at first.  I am beginning to think the plot is not quite so flourishing as it was it is such a long time since I heard about it.

I am enclosing a circular sent round by the Colonel you will see that the maximum amount is 2£ do you think Bill would send a quid.  I thought you might send the other, if not I will send any thing with may be short.  I would suggest that you send it to the Colonels wife.  The men out here I am sure would appreciate such a gift very much.  Let me know what you are doing as soon as possible you will see that all donations must be received before 15 Oct.  Well this is all now.

Will write again next Sunday if poss, if not will send a F.P.C.

Fondest love to all