Letter to Mrs Hammond 20 Sept 1917

Impressed notepaper: Avon Holm

Victoria Road


Sept 20th

Dear Auntie,

Just a line to let you know that I arrived home on Monday in good time for my Soldiers’ Working Party.

I have been very busy ever since I came back, and have been at School practically all day today.  I hope the farmyard is going on all night and that Turkie continues to develop those qualities that make him such a good guardian of the mansion.

We have had a letter today from our chauffeur who has been talking with a man who was in the trenches with George.  He says “Lieut Hammond is very well liked by his men” and that is something to be proud of.

There isn’t much news in Macclesfield.  It is very dark in the evenings and Jackie Lantern comes in very useful.  How is his brother?

Please tell Gladys to pen me a note when she finds the English language flowing fluently – it so rarely does, that it is a treat to hear it when it does.

Many thanks to you all for the pleasant weekend I spent with you.

Love from all to all




Cover to Mrs Hammond, 9 Countess Street, Stockport, postmarked 11.45 AM 21 SP 17


Postcard to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 2 Sept 1917.

Postcard to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 2 Sept 1917.


Y.M.C.A Postcard On Active Service





Sunday evening

Dear Mr. Payne,


Just a card. I am quite well.

Thought that you would care for a line or two.

Long to be in England again soon.

Kindest regards to Mrs Payne & all & trusting that you are in the best of health.

I remain Yours very sincerely

An old Herne Bay Chorister. Lionel V. Richman Sergt “The Buffs”


On reverse addressed to Rev W. La Porte Payne,

The Vicarage

North Finchley



at 61 Marine Avenue




Postmarked A.P.O. 517 3 SEP 17. and NORTH FINCHLEY 7 SP 17.

F Springett letter 20 September 1917





Sept 20TH 1917




My Dear Brother Sid,

Just a few lines in answer to your welcome letter received today, so pleased to hear that you were quite well, as it leaves me very well at present.  Sorry to hear that you have a had cold, I have just got a slight one, but nothing much.

It as been awful weather here since Monday, I can tell you there is some mud.

It gets dark so quickly now, there don’t seem much time to do anything after tea.

Glad you have been busy again. I hope it will remain so.  well Dear Sid, we are moving on Sunday night as near as I can tell you, so perhaps you hadn’t better write to me again down here.

I will let you know my new address as soon as I know myself.

If you see Ted you might tell him, I am on the move I have only had one letter from him in six weeks.

Still I don’t worry about it only if he can’t write to me while I am in England, I’ll see that he don’t when I cross the ditch, which is very shortly.

I had a nice letter from Dad yesterday, he is quite well and getting on alright.

Mother sent me a parcel yesterday and a letter, they are all busy hop-picking at home and getting on alright too. Well, Dear Sid, I have enough money to carry me to Canterbury “thank you” but I should like some when you hear from me again.

It’s jolly good of you to think of me.

Well, Sid I don’t think I have any more news this time, so I will pack up.

I will send a card if we do move on Sunday.

So Goodbye Best Love

I remain

Your loving Brother

Frank William


P.S. Don’t tell Ted what I say, or perhaps he won’t like it.


With cover to Mr S.K. Springett, 29 Bath Road Dartford Kent

Postmarked HARWICH 9.45 AM 21 SP 17

WO Permit to Miss Dillon 20 September 1917

G.P.17247 A


The undersigned…Miss Dillon L.C.

(description)…….Female Driver


being employed on Active Service, is hereby authorised by the Secretary of State for War to drive a motor car, lorry or bicycle, when on Government duty.


  1. Maude

Secretary of the War Office


Signature of Holder



Available from 20-9-17 to 21-10-17


On reverse




NO 1 Res. M.T. Dept, Grove Park S.E.

V.E. To***** 2nd Lt


Date 17.10.17


Tel Lee Green 1820

Extension           12