F Springett letter 17 September 1917

Sunday Evening                                              Same Address


My Dear Brother Sid,

I am sorry I have kept you waiting for so long for a letter but as you will see we haven’t moved yet but expect to move Friday now.  I hope you have been keeping well I am very well myself.

We are having lovely weather down here but of course it’s a bit cold for canvas life at night times.

I had a nice parcel from home the other day, it was jolly fine.

We have a new Captain, and he’s a bit of a blighter, he don’t half keep us busy.

I had a letter from Dad the other day from his new job in London I suppose he is doing alright up there, I guess he was sorry to leave Crayford though for some things.  I shall be jolly glad to get off the East Coast.  I am fed up with it.  We had night operations last week down in the trenches by the coast.

We were down there until 11 o’clock and it rained nearly all the while. I hope when we get to Canterbury it will be better.

Still I make up for all the bad times with that chap that comes from Cranbrook.  We have some fine times together down Harwich.

I have stopped in this Sunday on purpose to write letters as there seems little time during the week now it gets dark so quick.

Well Sid I don’t think I have any more news this time, you might just write before Friday and let me know how you are getting on.

I will write as soon as I know where I am if we move this week.

Well Goodbye Sid hope this letter finds you in the best of health.

I remain

Your Affec Brother

Frank William



Hope Ted is still alright.



With cover to Mr S.K. Springett, 29 Bath Road Dartford Kent

Postmarked HARWICH 5 PM 17 SP 17