Letter to the Hammonds 29 August 1917.

Letter to the Hammonds 29 August 1917.


62 Benyon Road


London N1


Dear Ted & Mary

I got your P.C. just as we were leaving the house on Sat morning & received one this morning.  We had a very nice holiday the weather kept up until last Friday & then it was so windy that we could scarcely keep on our feet & it went much colder so that we felt quite ready to return to London.  I am very sorry that the weather is so bad for you.  It is brighter here today but windy.  We have had a lot of rain since Sunday.  We took our Mothers to Chingford yesterday but it was rather rough for nieces & the Vicar slipped & dislocated his shoulder so it was rather unfortunate.  I am glad to say that he is going on as well as can be expected.  I am glad to hear that Fred & George are alright.  You are not far from Neston.  What sort of place is Hoylake it was *** **** when I was at Neston.  I must close now ***.


Love to you & Mary also to the boys & Gladys


P.S. I don’t know whether Will wrote to you Kibby Walls husband joins up today.