Letter to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 23 August 1917

Letter to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 23 August 1917


Y.M.C.A. Headed notepaper.


LCpl J. Tomlinson 140310

R.E.                                                                                                                 abt 23 8/17

Fulham Military Hospital



Dear Sir,


I am writing this letter to you to ask you if you can do me a favour by giving me a little advice as to the welfare of my children. My address is 56 High St. Nth Finchley.  My wife has been in Hospital 12 months suffering from Heart disease and being Paralyzed is quite helpless.  I have therefore had to rely on the kindness of neighbour’s to look after my children of which I have three the eldest one being nearly 12 years old and the youngest one 5 years.  I was able to get out of hospital yesterday and went to Finchley to see them and I am sorry to say that they are not getting the proper attention that I should like them to have.  I did not have time to call and see you which I should have liked to have done as I was advised to do so I have taken the liberty of writing to you.  What I should like to do, would be, to get them into a good home where they would get proper education and good care, so if you would be so kind to do anything for me in the matter I should be very thankful, as it is a great worry to me, I might say that a lady visitor from the Church used to call on Mrs Tomlinson while she was at home ill and offered to get them away, but Mrs Tomlinson would not hear of it then and myself being in the service I was helpless.  If you could arrange a day & time I could probably get over to Finchley to see you, that is if you think you can do anything for me.


Trusting that I am not imposing on you.


I Remain

Yours Truly

L Cpl J. Tomlinson.