Special Order 20 Division 14 August 1917.

Special Order 20 Division 14 August 1917.




After an enforced absence of some 4 months, I find myself again with the Division which I have already had the honour of commanding for over a year.


At the present time I consider myself particularly fortunate to be once more with the troops I know and trust so well.


There is no doubt in my mind that the hard work which all ranks have put in during the past 3 weeks – more often than not under heavy fire – will be crowned in a few days with as memorable a success as we achieved at GUILLEMONT last Autumn.  No praise can be too great for what the Artillery, Engineers, Machine-Gun Corps, and Pioneers have accomplished since the Division came to Belgium; and the same applies to the work of the Signal, Supply and Medical Services.


The gallant forcing of the STEENBEEK by the 59th Infantry Brigade today, in the teeth of severe opposition, has paved the way for the forthcoming attack by the 60th and 61st Infantry Brigades.


The spirit and determination that has been shown by everyone will, I am sure, in a very short time be rewarded, and the fame of the Division still further enhanced, by the capture of LANGEMARCK.


I feel I am amongst old friends once more.


  1. Douglas Smith Major General,

Commanding 20th Division

14th August 1917