War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 5 August 1917

War Diary of AA Laporte Payne




Brigade Diary, Personal Diary, Operation Orders, Note Books, Memoranda




5th August 1917


August 5, 1917.

We have been quite flooded out. We do not require a dove here.  We know when the floods are subsiding when we see the horse’s ears semaphoring above the water.


It was great sport fishing for floating wagons and our precious ditch bridges with drag ropes. You know the physical geography of this delightful country, so you can imagine the conditions after a sixty hour storm.


There is a subaltern here in the adjoining wagon-lines of our Brigade, a delightful fellow and a Scotchman, and he makes me howl with laughter at his antics and grousings. He is really most amusing.  I should fade away with melancholia if he were not here.  He is the brightest spot in the landscape.  The sight he presented when he arrived at my tent late the other night in the pouring rain was most comical.  He had waded over knee deep in water, and forgotten the water hidden ditch half way across.  His great wish now is to ride into a small town some way away where there are some English or other nurses.  He says that if he does not get a sight of an English girl soon he will languish and die.


The new subalterns we are getting as reinforcements to replace casualties are truly awful. They seem to be worse than useless, and do not know which end of the gun shoots out of.


My mare is looking very well, and appears to be thoroughly enjoying life. I have a new groom now to replace the one the Colonel robbed me of.  This fellow is quite good, and keeps my large quantity of saddlery clean.  Nothing looks so pleasing as a good horse, well groomed, and well polished leather.  But he is not so good as Scarret, my former groom.


Noon, and time for stables so I must go.



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