G. Hammond letter 22 July 1917



My dear Father and Mother

Gladys’s letter of the 11th was most amusing I can imagine Ma saying “What have you brought now?” and poor old Pa saying in a very meek voice a lawn mower, then I suppose Ma would say “Well we don’t want any more rubbish” in about a fortnight she would say it cuts the grass very nicely.  Well we are still by the sea and very pleasant too we had rather an unwelcome visitor this morning in the form of a 5.9 shell but he didn’t go off so it doesn’t matter.  Things are quite noisy here but we don’t get very much of it.  It would be rather a novel wedding accompanied by confetti in the form of bombs.  Still such things are very common here and one gets quite used to it.  Glad you received the cheque OK.  I had a letter from Hilda tonight saying Gladys had arrived.  I suppose she will know more about the family than I do for I have never seen Pa. I can imagine Ma **tting off to the plot and then giving Pa such a lot of valuable advice.  The only thing is if ever Ma starts pulling my leg I shall ask her if she has had any enlargements lately.  That is her week spot.  I like Gladys quiet suggestion that she will welcome any tray cloths I would like to send , well the first opportunity I get I will send her some the joke will be she will never finish them.  We are a long way from the place where I brought the last but I may be able to do a bit.  At the present moment I am the proud possessor of a German cap badge don’t for one moment imagine I have been busy killing Boche Oh No just found the helmet you know.  I had a Field Card from Gus tonight it has taken 5 days to come so no doubt he is a very long way off.  I am still waiting for his address and am damned tired of asking for it.  I would love to have seen Pa wrestling with that lawn mower.  It does keep him busy.  I am *** what with the clock and other little details does he find much wrong with the bicycles lately.  How’s the gramophone going now?  I do hope you are buying a lot of records.  I shall want to play it a lot when I come home.

It is a long time since I had a letter from Bill.  I hope you will buck him up.  The Major tells me he has recommended me for promotion today but I am not very confident.  It did not take Dolly long to get married perhaps she wanted to make sure.  Well this is all at present, mind that lad doesn’t get into trouble with that lawn mower.  I suppose he finds the oil very expensive now.  I am as brown as a berry, in fact you won’t recognise me when I come home for my moustache makes a very good disguise.  I have a little puppy now which was borne in the trenches so I am keeping it for a souvenir.

Well Cheer Oh!

Fondest love