F Springett letter 10 July 1917





6649 Pte F.W. Springett

D Company 1st Platoon

22nd Training Reserve

New Hall Farm Camp

Upper Dovercourt


July 10th 1917


My Dear Brother Edward,

So you did wake up at last did you, or did you have to wake up.  I bet you did Ha Ha.

I was very pleased to receive a letter from you also glad to know that you were quite well, I am fairly well at present.  I have a bit of a cold but I guess I shall soon get over it.  Yes Ted I have landed at this bally place, it isn’t nice at all but I guess I shall have to grin and put up with it.  Our camp is about ¼ mile from the sea, so we get a little sea breeze, which isn’t at all bad.

What a job moving is “Oh Dear”, you talk about work, you ought to have been down here last Wednesday.

Never mind we got over it but you can bet your life I didn’t over do it. I was very busy all the while somebody was about.  Ha Ha.

Our camp is on a farm and it is something awful. It rained the other day, and the mud was awful, everybody was swearing about it.  Then they sat “keep your b****y boots clean or you will be for orders.  Still, we are getting used to army now and know a few of their dodges.

Yes I was very sorry to leave St. Albans, but no doubt will get used to this place after a while.

I went to Harwich on Sunday, and saw 10 destroyers go out, and lots of other shipping so we see something sometimes. Just remember me to Mabel tell her I hope to see her again before I go out abroad, just keep it quiet but it will be about two months time, either India or France.  I mean it “Seriously I Do”.

I thought she was alright Ted, all the sailors have got girls in Harwich & Dovercourt. Never mind I will find something I bet Ha Ha.

We had orders to scatter last Saturday morning when the air raid was on, but we didn’t see anything of them. We have to run to a certain hedge and lay down all of our Company, some of the chaps got a bit frightened.  We have been in the trenches already, with full pack and 150 rounds of ammunition, so you see we are some soldiers now.  We are really down here for coast defence.  I expect I shall be home shortly, for six days, I guess I shall enjoy myself then.

Well, Ted I am enjoying myself very well, but give me St. Albans, some nice girls there.

Well Goodbye Old Boy

From Your

Affec Brother

Frank W. Springett

Excuse writing in a hurry.

With YMCA cover postmarked HARWICH 7.45 PM 11 JY 17.