Pte F.W. Springett letter 8 July

6649 Pte F.W. Springett
D Company 1st Platoon
22nd Training Reserve
New Hall Farm Camp
Upper Dovercourt
July 8th 1917
Sunday morning

My Dear Brother Sid,
At last I find time to write a few lines to you, hope they will find you quite well, as I am fairly well at present. I have got a bit of a cold, but it isn’t nothing much.
Well, Sid I have arrived at this bally place, we came down here on Wednesday. It is some ride from St. Albans, and I am now 72 miles from London. I don’t want to move many times in the Army, there is a lot of work for me, but of course I dodged all I could. Ha Ha.
Our camp is about 400 yards from the sea, so we get some sea breeze, but all the same for that I would sooner be at St. Albans.
Dovercourt is about 1 ½ miles from our camp and Harwich about two miles. Just before we got here on Wednesday there was an Air-Raid on Harwich and Saturday morning we had orders to scatter as the Taubes were coming. We never saw anything of them, but saw some of ours going towards London to meet them. I see in this morning’s paper that they have done a bit of damage in London.
We are down here for coast defence and have already been in the trenches, with full pack and 150 rounds of ammunition.
I suppose it will be alright after we have been here for a while, but the tents are awful, they are so thin, and the least drop of rain comes through. The “General” comes round every day and yesterday gave us a good inspection. We are in the sixth Brigade now, and wear a six on our arms now, instead of a five.
He is Brig. General Humphreys and he asked me what I used to do for a living in civilian life. He said something to nearly everybody. He isn’t so bad.
Well, Sid I do hope you never have to do this kind of work, but of course I am quite used to it now, and don’t take much notice of it.
The General told us that this is the half way house to France, so things look as if we shall have to have a smack of them.
I am writing this in the tent Sunday morning and it is raining hard.
Well, Sid I don’t think I have any more news this time, So Goodbye
Best Love
From Your
Affec Brother
Frank W