F. Smith letter 2 July 1917


July 2nd 17

Dear Father


Thank you very much for your nice parcel received this afternoon you can bet I shall enjoy it very much; we are still in the same village, & able to buy a few things but they are not nearly so good as what one receives from home especially biscuits they seem very sparing with the sugar those were very nice what you sent.

The cake, chocolate, jelly &c were all tres bon.  I don’t know whether you can read French but you can guess what it means.

I had a letter from Southend to-day they are all well.

I wrote to Ethel last week but I don’t expect she had received it when you sent the parcel off. If you can get a small pot of apple jelly or strawberry jam & lemonade squares I should be glad but I am not in any hurry I am only mentioning it for when you are sending another parcel.

I got Lilian’s letter alright this time am glad they are well.

Have you seen anything of Billy Darvill lately I suppose he still has plenty of information when you go?

We are leaving here to-morrow or Wednesday.

There is not very much news to tell so you so I must ring off now.

Pleased to say I am quite well; glad you are all in the best of health.

Au revoir

With much love

Your devoted



P.S. The sardines will be great for supper to-night.