A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 28 June 1917.

A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 28 June 1917.


June 28th 1917



My darling,


How are you faring now in all this wet? I hope you are alright and not getting stiff with so much stooping.  Thank you very much for your two letters of 20th and 21st which have just come.  We had a big thunder storm yesterday and it feels much better to-day but the mud is very bad.  I am glad to hear Reg is in England and in good hands.  Mother will be much relieved I know.


We have been very busy lately with inspections by the Corps &Army Commanders, sports, horse shows and concerts for the men, at all of which I have to be with the Colonel as a sort of glorified footman. There is great competition now for the best turned-out team and gun in the Corps & we have to select one to represent this brigade.  It is very difficult as they are all so good.


Now we are getting ready for a move. I am to go to a battery but I don’t know which yet.  I hope to let you know in my next letter.


We have just heard that some American troops have landed in France.  I wonder what sort of fighters they will be.


I hope your people are all well. Both I suppose are frightfully busy.  Everybody seems to be very occupied this spring.


How is Maude? I hope she is still on her best behaviour.


I have got to give up my groom I am sorry to say. The Colonel wants one and he is much the best in the Brigade so I can’t hold out against the C.O.


There is no news to tell you, dearest. Everything is much as usual.  The Brigade is looking spic & span and the General said the usual nice things about us on the parade other day.  It really was quite a good parade.


All I want now is some leave so that I can come home and see you but alas! it is not possible at present. I am dreaming of the time I shall have when I get away next.  It is horrid getting engaged and then having to go away so soon.  We shall be able to make up for it one day though if the gods are good.  Forgive this short note but the Colonel has just come in and has started worrying about something.


With all my love dearest

& many kisses

Ever your