A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 22 June1917

A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 22 June1917

June 22nd 1917

My darling,

Thank you very much for your two long letters which I was most glad to get. In spite of all your hard work you do not seem to have forgotten me. I hope by now you have received my letter telling you something about the 7th.

Your news was very interesting. You do seem to have had a hot and hard time of it. Don’t you find it very trying? You seem to appreciate your Saturday afternoons and Sundays and you appear to make good use of them.

A person I don’t like is Bampfilde. She is the one who talks spiritualistic nonsense isn’t she? Surely you don’t take her seriously. People like that are only to be laughed at. I had to study some of their books etc during my philosophy course and it was the silliest rot imaginable. If you want to know anything about it I will tell you all I know and give you books from both points of view. You see, dear, lots of so called brainy people go mad but that is no reason why sensible people should do likewise. One or two dotty professors and a lot of hysterical women run such doctrines and they are not worth your precious breath to talk about them.

Forgive my preaching which is not meant as such for of course I know you don’t take that sort of thing seriously. We can leave all such twaddle to Mrs Bands and people like unto her.

I hope you are having cooler weather- we are, and a lot of rain too unfortunately but I suppose it is wanted.

How are they all at home? Well I hope. Mrs Cross must not do too much house work or she will undo all the good of her holiday.

Thank you for enquiring about my hand. It is quite well now but I have got a beastly raw blister from the reins. The mare got jumpy with the noise of the guns and pulled badly with the result that I got blisters.

You seem to have had some very good nights out. I shall have to come home and look after you. When do you return home? At the end of July? You might let me know the exact date sometime.

I am probably leaving Headquarters shortly. I have fought the Colonel enough about it and I really believe he is giving way. I am a bit tired of running signals and such like things. I want to be with the guns again. But I have had a good time here and for that reason shall be sorry to leave. I may go back to “A” Battery.

You will be surprised to hear that we have been taken out for a rest – the men needed it badly and the horses as well. They have had a very bad time – so we are trying to recover just behind the line.

I don’t know how long it will last I am sure – not very long though.

The Colonel and I dined with the General last night, and had some strawberries for the first time. Tomorrow the Corps Commander is inspecting the Brigade – it is a great fuss – everybody is cleaning harness and vehicles.

Your letter was not at all flabby – and what do you know about the ‘little language’? Were you thinking of Swift and Stella?

I have been thinking how nice it would be to have a week by the sea somewhere with you. We could go off somewhere with a convenient chaperone and have a gorgeous time boating, bathing, and slacking generally. How would you like it?
I must close now
Hoping you are well dearest & cheerful
With all my love & many kisses
Ever your