A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 18 June 1917

A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 18 June 1917



June 18th 1917




Having so often to write at a small table with others I have got into the habit of leaving out the initial words of my letter until it is finished and then forgetting to put them in – and now I am conscientious that you have received letters with no beginnings. I don’t know what you could have thought but that is the reason.  Please forgive.


Thank you so much for all your letters and photos. I was very glad to see the house where you live.  They were very good photos.  I wish I had a camera here but they won’t let us.


Did you get my letter giving my view of the operations of the 7th?  I thought perhaps it might get stopped by the censor.  They don’t know what to censor and what not.  Living where they do on the lines of communications with the A.S.C. and such like they don’t know what information is important.


You must be having a hot and trying time. I think it is very good of you to carry on as you do.  Aren’t you tired of it?


I too have been dreaming of May week and Henley and shady rivers and cool lawns and all such things – but heaven isn’t for a sinner like me.  All such things seem to belong to quite another life altogether.


Poor old Reg has overdone it. I am so sorry for him.  He will be angry but if it is not serious I am very relieved that he is out of it at least for a bit.  It is very hot just at present in more senses than one, and I was afraid of worse things than a bad heart.  I hope he is in England now and I hope they will keep him there.


We are still as busy as ever – moving forward is not easy. Telephone lines have to be laid all over the place and as there are no time or facilities for burying the cable, the lines get cut by shell fire and my fellows are out all day and night mending them.


The Boche is not taking his defeat lying down by any means and unfortunately he is paying a lot of unwelcome attention to our batteries


I do hope you are keeping well, dearest, and enjoying the fine weather in spite of your hard work.


I must close now

With all my love & kisses

Ever yours


Letter to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 18 June 1917

Letter to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 18 June 1917


13 Friern Park

  1. Finchley




Dear Mr. Laporte Payne,


I have to thank you for your kind letter of the 14th inst received on my return from Birmingham.  It was kind of you to have taken so much trouble, I will keep Mr. Storr’s letter by me and as you say I think the best thing to do is to get into an O.T.C. and train for the Artillery.


When the time comes and it is necessary to fill up papers etc I shall avail myself of your kind offer to sign same.


I am anxious to get into “Khaki” as soon as possible, London is no place for the “unemployed” at the present altho’ I have not had a holiday for nearly 4 years excepting of course the journey home from Singapore.


I shall look forward to letting you know how I get on and with kind regards, I am

Yours sincerely

Signature unreadable.