G. Hammond letter 6 June 1917



My Dear Ma, Pa & Gladys,

As a substitute Pa makes a delightful correspondent it was ripping to receive such a long letter.  I am sorry my letter was so late as this will be but it is not always convenient to write on Sunday as a rule there is no difficulty but sometimes work has to be done and consequently the letter is left over.  However as a rule I will be able to write a proper letter sometime during the week and I will make a point of sending a F.P.C. on the Sundays when I didn’t write.  The weather here is beautiful nearly everyone goes about in their shirt sleeves and even then some days it is quite unbearable.  We came into rest yesterday for a short time.  It is wonder to see the progress the vegetation has made during the last month.  I had a letter from C.L.S. the other day he said he was quite OK.  I am surprised to hear he is not well.  I suppose it would be like the early days of the war to see so many men on the cricket ground.  It seems a long time ago since they started drilling there.  The plot seems to be a great success.  I had no idea you had so much stuff in.  I wonder whether it is big enough to make a tennis court after the war.  It would be rather a good idea.  I am afraid there is very little chance of me being home by the end of July.  So I shall have to imagine the feed.  It will be quite a red letter day when you have all home grown vegetables.  Does Ma do any gardening?  I can imagine her prodding about with that little fork.  No I have not come across Fred or George Hand lately.  I wrote to Fred some time ago but have had no reply yet.  I am not sure of his address so you might send it the next time you write.  I have only received one cake from Ma, I thought she would be sending me another shortly.  I wonder how long it took for Ma to walk to Prestbury I should imagine the pace would not be very rapid.  I wrote to all the Hammond and Grimshaw clan some time ago.  It is very funny having letters from them expressing their surprise at my being engaged especially from Elsie G. Dolly Hammond is engaged again.  She seems to be making a hobby of it.  Glad to hear Turk is improving in his manners.  When I was home before he seemed to forget himself very often.  Well really I don’t know whether it is worth while sending those books.  I hope you come out top again old girl.  Well this is all at present.

Cheer Oh!  Fondest love to all