A. Smith postcard 2 June 1917



To T. Smith Esq., 24 Palmerston Rd Bowes Park London N22 England.  Postmarked Field Post Office 68.  3JU 17


I am quite well

I have received your paper

Letter follows at first opportunity


Signature only. A. Smith

Date June 2nd

F Springett letter 2 June 1917

For God, For King & For Country

June 2nd 1917
St. Albans Herts

My Dear Brother Sid,
Just a few lines in answer to your welcome letter which I received a few days ago, glad to hear you were quite well, as I am still A1 at present. I was so sorry I couldn’t get home for Whitsun, but still it couldn’t be helped. Glad to hear you had a nice time at Southend. You see that’s the best of civilian life you can go where you like. Mother wrote and told me that the German aeroplanes had been over, fancy coming over H-den, I guess some of them were pretty frightened over it. Yes they do give us some packets to get on with and no mistake. The war I an afraid will last a long time yet. What do you say? On Whit-Monday we had some sports and a very nice concert in the evening, given chiefly by the Officers. It was a lovely day so it wasn’t so bad. Tuesday and Wednesday we marched to a place called North Mimms and fired 20 rounds. It was jolly hot and the roads were dusty and of course we had the harness on as usual, that makes it worse on hot days. We fired with our bayonets on, “some game”. I did very well but could have done better if I had liked. I will show you my scoring book when I come home. Thursday we were inoculated it don’t half give you what for, for about 1 ½ days. My arm is still stiff now, but I feel A1. We had two days excuse duty, so we haven’t done so bad this time but they ought to have given us leave “don’t you think”. They say we are to have another dose next Thursday. That’s the time when they put that needle in your arm about two inches. “It is some game.” Ha Ha. Yes certainly come up to see me when it suits you, I should be very pleased to see you. Dad wrote and asked me about the same thing last Wednesday. It would be nice for you to come together, but I afraid you will have to look sharp, as we are going away shortly. I don’t know where we are going, but I think it is correct. Still, I expect we shall be here for another fortnight at least. Hope to see you shortly. Well, Sid I don’t think I have any more news this time, so I will now close.
With Best Love
From Your
Affec Brother
Frank W.

In cover addressed to Mr. S.K. Springett, 29 Bath Road, Dartford, Kent.
Postmarked ST ALBANS 8.15 PM 2 JUN 1917