A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 30 May 1917

A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 30 May 1917



May 30th 1917



Terrible isn’t it? I have been thinking of you a lot but have only just got a moment to send a line.  Thank you for your letter of May 21.  We have had no mail again for four days.  It is most annoying.  Darling, did I ever thank you for the two delightful cakes which arrived.  I hope I did – but at this time I might forget anything.  How do you like the work?  And how are you keeping?  Fit and well I do hope.  I am sure you felt horribly tired at first.  I hope you have been having as fine weather as we have.


We are in the line – and “staying at a farmhouse”. It consists of two fairly whole rooms and a most useful cellar.  The Boche has taken it into his head to shell us with gas shell at night and we sit down in the cellar with gas masks on, hot and annoyed – but it is very amusing seeing (as far as one can through goggles) the others puffing and blowing through their mouth pieces.  The Colonel gets into a furious temper with his.


Last night there was great excitement. We lost some very important secret maps and the Colonel was cursing everyone for it and said we should all be shot or something.  After two hours feverish search we found them rolled up in another bundle!  Where the Colonel himself had left them!


I have a large working party here hurriedly making some sort of a dug-out. There is a new system of telephonic communication to get into working order.  It is enormous – the biggest I have had yet to do.  And hundreds of other things.  So the time goes very quickly as you can imagine – but through it all I am simply longing to have you alone once again and you could hold me tight again.


I should like to give you a lot of news; but I can’t. It must be sufficient to say we are working like mad.


Give my love to Maude. You must please give her some news of me.  I have no time to write to her at present.


How are Mr & Mrs Cross – all well I hope – and enjoying their holiday. Give Mrs Cross my love when you write.



With all my love dearest

And many kisses

Ever your