Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 15 May 1917

Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 15 May 1917



My own darling one,


I fear I didn’t get back from the Railway Cutting last night in time to catch the mail. We went up to old Hd Qrs to take over the battle front, and after going forward to see Burr we got back for lunch and came back here at 5 p.m.  It is quite nice to be in a hutment and camp & I slept in a tent last night.  Fear it wasn’t much sleep as I didn’t go to bed till 11.30.  Was fussing about some shelling on the front about 2.30 – and got up at 4 a.m.  Walked round our new line with C.R.E. & Intelligence Officer.  Since we have been in we have advanced our line in 2 places without opposition & consolidated.  I had a wonderful view this morning of Bosche Land crawling round newly made trenches, and really enjoyed it got back about 9.30 a.m. ready for breakfast & a bath.  It was very hot going round and luckily my thin ‘breecks’ & shirts arrived last night also the cigars.  My darling one they look excellent & shall enjoy one after dinner tonight.  The socks & other band came this morning – so I have been lucky in letters and parcels.  How sad about the Colofinos – Darvel Bays or perhaps I will go back again to the old Cresus from Robertson – the Colonnade Cheltenham at 30/- a 100 – they were always good & I don’t know why I gave them up.

Uncle Harry has written a most hilarious letter – I think they are all glad the old Buffer passed away – a most merciful really. Darling one the two bands you have sent are going on to my great coats – the smaller letters will look much better, but I think when we have got them to the General’s liking – you had better have them done at some needlework shop & the order for some 2 dozen will be given.

Curious things these stylo pens are – Waterman now won’t write well & so this one has come up to the scratch and is now very nice.

I believe really I should also keep within my bread ration. 2 slices toast for breaky – 2 for lunch and 3 for dinner.  How’s that?  Within or over?  This does not include biscuits or any cake I may have.

I think Thresher & Fleurt had better make me 2 more thin cotton khaki shirts & ½ dozen collars to match. I will send home my flannel ones & hope I may never see them again and not have to send for them this winter.

We are having heavy thunder showers which are nice and cooling, but my office hut leeks, must consult Whigham & have it put right at once.

My darling one I sincerely hope you didn’t face Aunt Monty. How could you manage it.

Darling one I must stop and attend to business, I swore I wouldn’t do any writing until I had written today. God bless you my darling & keep you safe and well.

Ever your own devoted Hubby



With envelope addressed to Mrs J. Dick Cunyngham, 28 Coleherne Court, South Kensington. London S.W. 5.  Endorsed On Active Service.  Signed Dick Cunyngham.  Passed by Censor No 2014 cachet.  Postmarked FIELD POST OFFICE H.15 dated 15 MY 17

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