Fred Hammond letter 24 March 1917


Dear Pa & Ma

Just a line to let you know I am gogging along OK. I received your & Gladys letters safely.  Hope Gladys does well in her exam.  Time flies so fast that I suppose she got past the fresher stage by now.  Have you found out any secret chemical to finish the Bosche off?  I suppose you have read all about the great push lately don’t expect we shall give them much rest once the weather becomes settled.  This last week has been a mixture of winter & summer snow & sunshine alternately.  Yes I was rather surprised at my brothers.  I wonder whether there’s some fever in the family and whether I am at all likely to catch it.  Altho I think I am safer out here after all.  So Geo is with his old lot again do you mean at home?  Never had a word from him for some time.  Glad to hear Par has selected such a suitable sight I can see you are offering me every inducement.  Yes I think I shall take up a little agriculture after the war and bet there’s not much profit when I’ve finished.  Well I am quite well and hope you are all the same.  Expecting to be home by August or at least La Guerre finis.  Well so long for present.




Green envelope FPO D 3 24 Mr 17 to E. Hammond, 9 Countess St. Stockport.