Alf Smith letter 16 March 1917

No 27521

Pte. A.A. Smith

1st Essex Regt.

15th I.B.D.

A.P.O. (S24)

B.E.F. France


March 16th 17


Dear Father


You may guess I was very pleased to receive your letter yesterday also The Pictorial to-day thank you very much.  We can get papers here but you have to pay 1 ½ d or 2 ½ d for them & there is not much news as a rule; but they serve a double purpose as they are very useful for wrapping up food &c.

I see they have got you all numbered now.  I heard about the new postal regulations.

Have you heard from Albert Taylor lately you might send me his address if you know it when you write.

I hope your colds are better now; this is very trying weather have had a touch of the tooth-ache it is the cold winds otherwise I am getting along fine quite comfortable here now.

I had a letter from Ciss to-day she said she has been expecting to hear or see you.

We have to make an early start; up 5.30 breakfast 6 A.M. we are out for the rest of the day, have an hour for lunch on the field & dinner when we get back at 4 P.M. but the parades are very easy it would be a treat if the weather was warmer.

Will you please thank Lilian for her welcome letter I will write to her very soon.

Well I think I must finish now.

Remember me to all friends that I know.

With much love from

Your devoted




In envelope marked On Active Service addressed to T. Smith Esq., 24, Palmerstone Rd., Bowes Park N 22 London N England.  Postmarked Army Post Office S.24.  Army Post Office S.24.  18 MR 17.  Censor 229 D.*. Page.