Right Group Left Sector Artillery Order 25 Feb 1917

SECRET.                                                                                            Move  S/554.

Right Group Left Sector Artillery.


The re-grouping of batteries of the Left Sector Artillery will take place as follows:-


Night 27/28th Feb.

“I” R.H.A. will be relieved by the 27th Battery 3rd Australian Division and will move to their Wagon Lines to await orders from Second Army ”Q”.

D.175 one section will be relieved by a section of the 108th Battery and the Section relieved will move into position at C.26.b.95.63. and there reinforce 108th Battery in the Left Group.

31st Battery 3rd Australian Division will move into position at

H.12.b.1.1. 4 guns.

I.7.b.95.95. 2 guns.

and will come under the orders of C.O. Right Group.


Night 28th Feb/1st March.

A/175 will withdraw and move into position at

C.26.c.41.05. 4 guns.

C.27.a.10.82. 2 guns.

and will be attached to the Left Group.

D/175 one Section will be relieved by a section of 107th Battery and will move into position at I.8.a.35.45. and remain with the Right Group.

B/175) will remain in their present positions in the Right Group.



The two sections from 107th & 108th Batteries at I.8.a.6.6. which will relieve D/175 will then form a composite battery and will be called D/3 under the command of Capt W.L. Marfell.


All Reliefs will be carried out a section at a time and Groups will be informed on completion of moves ordered. Battery Commanders will make any necessary arrangements between themselves.  Reliefs will be completed by 10 p.m.  All Registers, Maps, Telephone lines, and Trench stores will be handed over to the incoming units for which receipts will be obtained and in the case of I R.H.A. the receipt will be handed in to Right Group Headquarters.

A/175 will make arrangements to hand over to O.C. 31st Battery all Maps, Registration Books, and other Trench Stores.

31st Battery will be responsible for the front covered by A/175 from 6 p.m. on Feb 28th by which time the night lines and Retaliation Points should be registered.  Up to that time A/175 will hold the line.



The 27th Battery will take over the ammunition left by A/175.

All Batteries will move out with echelons full and the ammunition will be dumped at the new positions. Units will wire to H.Q. on commencement of move the amount of ammunition removed and balance remaining.

No re-arrangement of ammunition will take place among the howitzer batteries.

”I” R.H.A. will remove all 13 pdr ammunition from their pits.



Arrangements will be made by Signalling Officers concerned to transfer all Infantry Liaison Communications from A/175 to 31st Battery at H.12.b.1.1.  These should be in working order by 6 p.m. on February 28th.




A.A. Laporte Payne

Lieut & Adjt

for Col.


B.M. 3rd Aust Div Arty.

B.M. 10 Infantry Bde.

C.O. Centre Group

C.O. Left Group

I R.H.A.





31st Battery

27th Battery

Major Derham D.S.O.

Capt. W.L. Marfell

War Diary



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