WAR DIARY of AA Laporte Payne 7 February 1917

WAR DIARY of AA Laporte Payne 7 February 1917


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R.P. February 7, 1917.

The thermometer was down to zero the other night, that is registering 32 degrees of frost. Everything is frozen hard, even in our bedrooms.


We are extraordinarily busy here. Yesterday I was in the office all day working on plans.  This morning I was out round the batteries.  This afternoon I am in the office doing the Adjutant’s work, who is out.


This Brigade has now become an Army Field Brigade.

The Boche must be in a bad way to go to the lengths they do. I hope it is a good sign.  The idiotic Yankees appear extremely foolish from the way the Boche entirely ignore them as of no account.  I hope it will do them good, but I sincerely hope the Americans will not declare war.  We must finish this war off without their interference, or the position in the end will be made uncomfortable for us.


London is not very exciting, I suppose.  Can you get plenty of food?  I see you are asked to economise in rather a drastic way.  The unfortunate thing about a voluntary method is that the loyal and conscientious economise, but the others do not.  Do not our politicians yet realise that an appeal to the better sort only penalises them.  In a war like this it is folly.


It was just the same over enlistment, thanks to such men as Simon.


I paid a visit the other day to our old O.P. which we used when we first came out. It is much altered, and rather badly knocked about, but it still exists as an O.P.


The Boche have not been so noisy lately, but they may break out at any time.


The weather is beautifully fine but very cold. It will be a swamp of mud when it thaws, which I suppose it will do some day.