F Hammond’s letter 5 Feb 1917

In Biro at the top of the letter Behind Arras.



Dear F & M

I got your letter OK yesterday.  Glad to hear you are all in the pink again.  The weather here is very cold still everything is frozen now except as I heard one fellow say the French beer out here which is too weak to freeze.  Nevertheless I am keeping tip top usually get out for a couple of hours during the day and kick the ball about it’s really the only way of getting really warm and my appetite is Tres Bien as the French would say.  Sorry to say I have neither received parcel or P.O. from Mr. Tabor something must have happened to it.  Were they posted separate.  I received the withdrawal notice and should be found enclosed.  Just gogging along.  Glad to notice the days are getting longer.  Have not seen Humphreys yet but believe he is somewhere near will look out for him.  It must be cold on the car for Gladys this sort of weather.  If you leave your tea in your mess tin it’s frozen in a very short time.  Well cheerho for present.  Have the submarines put the wind up.  Well don’t think it will be for long.

Love Fred



Cover with FPO D4 cachet 24 JA 17 to E. Hammond, 9 Countess St. Stockport. PASSED FIELD CENSOR 2812.  (No letter)