George Hammond’s letter 21 Jan 1917

Broom Hill

Pownall Crescent



My dear F & M & Gladys

I received your letter OK and after a little study managed to translate it, I had a letter from Hilda saying you had written to her & expressing much delight.  I have duly noted all the details of your letter & will show my appreciation by complying.  I think your exam results are simply splendid.  I had a letter from Elsie saying how pleased she was & that you are sure to do well now.  I am so glad you managed to beat the other girl.  From the number of times you seem to be running into old Gill I think you had better give the hospital a miss.  We have been very busy this last week practicing the attack.  It was rather interesting and some of us were made casualties.  You would have screamed to have seen the perspiring stretcher bearers carrying me on a stretcher to the advanced dressing station.  After they had juggled with me on their knees for about 5 minutes whilst they were changing the stretcher I was finally carried away by two more orderlies who said I was the heaviest they had carried and started to do a little betting about my weight.  From there I was taken across a river on a raft and finally finished up in an inn.  I was supposed to have been wounded in the left ankle joint.  Well there is nothing much fresh just yet.  We may be leaving here sometime next week to make room for a provisional Battalion.  I don’t know whether you have had much snow, but it has done a fair amount here.  Enclosed you will find a cheque for 30/1, i.e. 10/- each as promised.  Don’t make beasts of yourselves.  I expect Pa will want to buy gramophone records with his.  Had a letter from Willis the other day

Well this is all at present

Fondest love  George


Written on 2/7th Battn Manchester Regt letterhead with matching envelope.  Addressed to E. Hammond, Esq., 9 Countess Street, Davenport, Stockport.  Postmarked COLCHESTER 10 PM 21 JAN 17.

Alf Smith’s letter 21 Jan 1917

152 High Street

Southend on Sea


Jan 21st 17


Dear Father


Just a few lines to let you know that I am home for a few days at last.  I could not let you know before as it has been postponed so many times but my patience has been rewarded at last.

I shall be coming to Wood Green on Wednesday morning & probably stay until about Friday.

I mean to have a good time while I am home.

Please excuse more news now.

Glad to say I am quite well & hope you are all in the best of health.

Well Au revoir for the present.


With much love

From your devoted