Will Hammond letter 12 Jan 1917

212 Vicarage Rd



Dear Ted & Mary

Please find enclosed 10/- for insurance.  I think this brings me up to date at least.  I think I have paid 10/- per year since 1902 that is for 15 years ago.  £- 10 – 0 and ** the amount payable about £4.  It seems to me that has not been a paying spec has it?

By the bye how many hundreds are you putting in the War Loan?  Unfortunately my assets are not very liquid and I shall have to look on.  Last week end Billy Humphries was over on leave this being his first.  He is in the 9th Division among the Jocks.  Isn’t that Fred’s Division?  We told him to look out for Sapper Hammond.  If Fred is in the 9th you might ask him to look up Serg Humphrey of the Special Gas Sec (92) Q Co 4th Special Batt RE.

Incidentally he left Con an engagement ring so I suppose we may say she’s engaged.  She has not yet been out of doors but she is making steady progress.  Still it may be quite another month before she can venture back to business.  I heard they were serving the troops round Colchester with gas helmets. Surely the Huns are not coming to drop tear shells amongst us.  The Zeppelin scare has practically died out altho one or two rounds will keep up the patrol.  What sort of a time did you have.  Ours passed over quietly but apart from the weather, which was vile, quite enjoyably.

The talk of Victory is not quite so confident. I should imagine the Huns will feel that the peace door has been banged to when they read our terms as sent on to President Wilson.  And yet one feels that anything less will not be a sufficient lesson to teach our enemies that those who take by the sword must fall by the sword.

Well trusting you are all in the pink.

With kindest wishes from all



Please acknowledge receipt of 10/-


Cover to Mrs E. Hammond, 9, Countess Street Stockport, postmarked 11.15 AM

13 Jan 17