A.A. Laporte Payne letter 28 December 1916

A.A. Laporte Payne letter 28 December 1916



December 28th 1916.




Just a line to let you know that, though busy, I am still alive and thinking of you.  Thank you so much for your letter of the 22nd.  I am glad you are satisfied with the photos.  I wasn’t.  I am sorry that someone else had to give them to you and not myself.


I do hope you had a good Christmas. We did our best to enjoy ourselves.  Eatables were collected from homes and other places.  We got 3 large turkeys, brace of pheasants, a ‘Cheshire Cheese’, lark pie, 6 plum puddings and other things.  Now we are struggling to get through them.  It sounds horrid but we don’t think it is out here – we have deteriorated so.  Your cake I kept till Christmas Day when it was opened.  I found some holly – how thoughtful of you.  The cake was delicious and appreciated too much by others for my liking.  It goes too quick.


Who ever told you I admired Ethel Levy? I am sure I don’t.  She interested me because she was so ugly and yet seemed to fascinate people.  I suppose it was because she was so vulgar, and vulgarity is interesting at times – so long as you can get away when you want.


There is absolutely no news to tell you and I hesitate to repeat again and again what must bore you but which I shall never get tired of repeating. You know what that is.  I am getting more & more anxious to see you again.  I have such a lot to tell you and such a lot to learn, a lot to receive (perhaps) and still more to give.


Have you had any more riding lately or have you been too busy? I have not been on a horse for a long time.


The weather has not been too good. To-day has been frosty but not fine.  The O.P. is very cold and not at all interesting this thick weather.


I do hope you are keeping well and no colds or cracked lips! I am keeping horribly healthy.  I should like a short time as an invalid somewhere as long as I did not feel too ill.  I hope everybody else is alright.


This must go now as I want to catch the orderly now leaving with the mail. I will write again tonight if I am left alone.


With all my love & best wishes for 1917. May it be a very happy year for you.


Ever yours