Letter to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 10 Dec 1916

Letter to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 10 Dec 1916


2 Clifton Villas

South Road Herne Bay

10 Dec 1916


My dear Vicar,


I am sorry there was not time to run in before we left y’day – also that I was not in when you called on Friday night – to thank you for your great kindness in arranging for our visit here, and for your exceedingly generous help in all ways – but I hope to see you early in the week.  We really don’t know how to thank you enough – the visit has already done us both good and Mrs Abson asks me to state that it is all a great treat for her.  Here, at Mrs. Harnett’s is the acme of homely comfort – from breakfast to bed-time.  We arrived here just before 1 o’clock, when Mrs Harnett prepared a nice little lunch – then we went to see Stanley – the V.A.D. Hospital, Druid Park is only 5 minutes walk from here – 4 or 5 turnings higher up High Street, after South Road – we are pleased, and deeply grateful to find our boy in splendid condition – in fact his wounds have actually improved his personal appearance! For the hole through his cheek has left just a dimple, and his nose, after being tightly bandaged for a fortnight – now has a nice Roman Curve! – some ladies pay money to have that achieved – there is just a kind of red scratch left on it – which we hope will always show – there is no mistaking the dimple – we all went round to see Mr. & Mrs Ridout last evening (by the way it was then we learned to what extra trouble you went to your kind endeavours to make us comfortable here).  They are both exceedingly nice, and at once said that Stanley was welcome to use their room upstairs for rest reading at any time, and have specially invited him to tea next Thursday.  This morning we all went to the Parish Church – where Mr Graves, the curate, preached a splendid sermon, for “Bible Sunday” from “Heaven and Earth shall pass away etc”.


I afterwards made myself Kenworth the Organist, also to the tenor chorister who occupies the corresponding place in the Choir to my place at Christ Church – with the result that I am going to help in the Choir tonight.  Tomorrow morning we may go over to Canterbury to visit my sister-in-law, and expect to leave for London in the evening – I can’t stay longer – there is so much to do at business between now & the end of the year.  With kind regards to yourself and Mrs Payne, in which Mrs Abson & Stanley join me, and again expressing our thanks –

I am yours faithfully

Mr P. Abson


P.S. Mrs Harnett wishes to be kindly remembered to you.