Fred Hammond letter 30 Aug 1916

30th Aug 1916

Dear Mar & Pa

Just a line to say I am OK.  Received your letter the other day glad to hear you are taking a little holiday hope you don’t get Zepped don’t think there’s much chance of that if the weather keeps like it has this last 48 hours.  I am quite willing for Par to take that affair on for me if Gladys doesn’t need it all I think it’s a good thing.  You are welcome at any time to do what you think is a good thing.  As long as you don’t go in for clocks or pictures.  Am having a very decent time at present.

We possess an excellent band which gives us all the latest & classical music also a cinema show is run by our Divn and we have now added a concert troop entitled the Thistles among which are some fine throstles.  We are just getting everything to perfection but from what the papers say just lately with Roumania & perhaps greasy old Greece coming in there seems every indication of an early termination other words La Guerre finishing toute suite – Hope I am in time for the turkey if not a nice hot X bun wouldn’t be amiss.  There’s nothing else to report.  All merry & bright

So cheerho




Field Service Post Card FPO D.2. To E. Hammond, 9, Countess St. Stockport. I am quite well. Fred 6.9.16

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