Letter from Alf Walker 16 Aug 1916



Wed Aug 16 1916


My Dear Nell,

A few more lines to let you know I am in the “Pink”.

You seem fond of the vets.  I hope he gave you something good.  (Not for yourself of course).  I expect Nigger has eaten some food that didn’t agree with her or perhaps she’s been poisoned.

I suppose your mother is having a fine time with you while you have your have your cousins there.  Just as wild as ever I expect.

Have not received Bert’s second letter yet.  Might receive it later on.  I should think he is rather upset about his chum.  Next sentence censored out.  I am sorry to hear it.

We leave here (trenches) tomorrow morning for a few weeks.  I don’t say we shall have much rest as we have a good bit more training to do before we go into proper action.  We shall be about 8 or 9 miles behind the line during that time.  Have not been able to find your cousin.  There are no deleted Middlesex attached to us or the other Fusilier Batts with us.  He may be with another Brigade in the Division.  All the fellows can’t make out his address & we have given it up.

Well Dear I must close as I must pack up for the morning.

With fondest love & kisses


Your loving



With Envelope to

Miss N. Pilgrim,

161 Abbey Rd




Stamped Field Post Office ??? 17 Au 16.  Noted “Plugstreet Left here Aug 17”

Censor 2276 Signed W.H. Piper