Letter to Mr Springett 15 Aug 1916


Somewhere in France


My dear brother Sid,

At last I find time to write you a few lines after all this time.

I am sorry I have not written before, but you can quite understand, with all the moving we have it is not very convenient for letter writing at times.

Anyway I am writing to you at last, better late than never.

I had a letter from Dad yesterday he said the works was turning out something at last. (About time) he also mentioned that Bettany had got the sack.  When you write to me you might just say what it was for that’s if you know.  I am glad you are able to keep where you are.  & I sincerely hope that you will continue to do so. (also Ted)

I hope you have plenty of work in hand for we have sufficient.  So you are still at the same lodgings I don’t suppose you could better them much not in Crayford.

Yes I expect Crayford as got to be quite a big place since I left, what with the new cinema &c.

Do you ever go to Barnard’s at Dartford I should like to go at a place like that myself.

Mother said you had all been home the other Sunday I was the only one missing never mind, I am hoping that one day my place will again be filled.

I am happy to say I am feeling fit and well.  Hoping you are the same also Dad & Ted.

I wrote to Ted last week to ask him to send me out some stuff for I might mention we get a bit of company at times.  Well that is no fault of ours for cannot help it for pick them up from somewhere.

I don’t think I have any more to say for this time.

My address is 6185 1st Kensington Battn. A Company, B.E.F. France.  I hope you will be able to read this but it is the best I can do under the circumstances so I will conclude

With love from your affect brother Walter

P.S. Kindest remembrances to Dad & Ted

Hoping to hear from you soon.


In “On Active Service” envelope to Mr. F. Springett, 29 Bath Road Dartford Kent. With F.P.O. 147 mark dated 15 Au 16.  Censor mark 2070