A.G. Richardson’s Diary July 1916

A.G. Richardson’s Diary July 1916


Saturday 1st July 1916:           Rose at 8 am.  Terrible artillery bombardment.  Lovely day – great aerial activity.  Bombardment ceases 7.30.  Infantry action later.  Plenty of wounded & prisoners.

Sunday 2nd July 1916:             Saw tons of prisoners.  Got a few souvenirs.  Good deal of wounded, though only slightly, come down.  Terrific bombardment at night.


Monday 3rd July 1916:                        Terrific artillery work – plenty of amm going up.  Hard at it all day.  Quieter towards night.

Tuesday 4th July 1916:            Quiet day.  Infantry actions.  Stuck at Thiepval Wood.  49th win still to their glorious name.




Wednesday 5th July 1916:       Wet day – nothing much doing.  Inside all day.  Up till 12 midnight.

Thursday 6th July 1916:           Slight rain.  Went to WARLOY for some beer.  Got 4 helmets, sniper’s telescopic sights, belts daggers, all sorts of souvenirs at night.


Friday 7th July 1916:               Artillery again at it.  Tremendous din.  Quieter towards noon.  Went near Thiepval at night & saw the front line.

Saturday 8th July 1916:           Heavy artillery placed near us – 15” Naval guns.  Much quieter than usual.


Sunday 9th July 1916:             “T” Sect in reserve to 248 Bde in readiness to “go over” following the cavalry.  Not required.

Monday 10th July 1916:          Great artillery work towards night.  Jack Currie killed & Joe Webster wounded.


Tuesday 11th July 1916:          Rose at 7 am.  Fine day – aeroplanes in dozens.  Busy until 11.30 pm.

Wednesday 12th July 1916:     Watched our heavies firing near Thiepval.  Englebelmer heavily shelled by the Bosches with “Universal”.


Thursday 13th July 1916:         Rose at 7.30 am.  Filled up with amm.  684 A. & 228.                                              A.X.  Busy until midnight.  Great heavy artillery work                                             near Thiepval Wood.

Friday 14th July 1916:             Set off with Sergt Hutson on bikes at 8 am & arrived AMIENS 10.45.  Lovely day.  “FETE Nationale” throughout France.  Grand displays in Amiens.  Crowds & crowds of people.  Came back in R.N.A.S. car.  Back at 8.30 pm.


Saturday 15th July 1916:         Rose at 8 am.  Fine day.  Nothing much doing.  Pozieres captured by us!!  (Official).

Sunday 16th July 1916:           Great artillery work.  Beaucoup aeroplanes around scouting.

The diary has no further location headings until1 September.

Monday 17th July 1916:          10.45 am                                 A                     AX

A/248              157

12.15 pm         B/248              114

5.10               A/247              413                  10

Tuesday 18th July 1916:          10 am              A/248                                      19

11 am              C/155 (K)                                76

9.50 pm           B/248                                      76

Wednesday 19th July 1916:     6 pm                B/245              608                  —

Thursday 20th July 1916:         7.30 am           A/248              228                  76

7.20 am           C/248              228                  76

7.30 am           A/245              228                  76

Friday 21st July 1916:             No entry.

Saturday 22nd July 1916:         1.15 pm.          B/245              304

Sunday 23rd July 1916:           9.15 am           B/245              380                  76

Monday 24th July 1916:          No entry.

Tuesday 25th July 1916:          10 am              B/245              380                  76

3.20 pm           C/246              142

Wednesday 26th July 1916:     No entry.

Thursday 27th July 1916:         No entry.

Friday 28th July 1916:             No entry.

Saturday 29th July 1916:         No entry.

Sunday 30th July 1916:           8.30 am           A/247              456                  152

Monday 31st July 1916:          No entry.

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