Alf Smith postcard 26 July 1916



On Active Service                                                       Field Post Office 1* 26 JY 16


A. Smith Esq., 24 Palmerston Rd. Bowes Park. London N. England


Dear Father,

Many thanks for parcel just received.  You can imagine how welcome it was when I tell you there is no chance of buying anything here.  I could see that you packed it well, but it was all smashed to atoms; everything was there except the scissors & the biscuits were scattered about so I made short work of the remainder.  I cannot write a letter because I can’t get an envelope but will do so at first opportunity.

Glad to say I am quite well . Alf

8th Division Artillery Operation Order No. 16.


SECRET                                                                                                         Copy No


8th Division Artillery Operation Order No. 16.

Reference Map FRANCE Sheet 36A and 36B 1/40000


  1. The 8th Divisional Artillery is attached to the XI Corps from the 1st Corps.
  2. The C.R.A. 8th Division will proceed to H.Q. 61st Divisional Artillery, LA GORGUE at 9 a.m. 14th instant.

Brigade Commanders, Battery Commanders and 1 Subaltern per Battery will         proceed to the same H.Q. at 10.30 a.m.

  1. Remainder of 8th Divisional Artillery will proceed by route march to FOSSE (R.21.central) arriving at that place at 12 noon.
  2. The Divisional Ammunition Column, less the S.A.A. Section and Grenade Section, will accompany the Divisional Artillery.
  3. Guns now with the I.O.M. will be left behind.
  4. Supply wagons will march full with Units.
  5. Order of March.         45th Brigade R.F.A.

5th Brigade R.H.A.

33rd Brigade R.F.A.

Divl .Ammn. Column.

The O.C. 45th Brigade will fix the starting point.

  1. Time of Starting. Head of the Column to move off at 7.30 a.m.
  2. Route.       CHOCQUES – HINGES – Cross roads, Q.28.d. – Cross roads Q.30.b. – FOSSE (R.21.central).
  3. Acknowledge.



C.R. Gover Major R.A.

Brigade-Major 8th Division Artillery.

Issued at


Copies to:-

5th Brigade R.H.A.

33rd Brigade R.F.A.

45th Brigade R.F.A.

Divl. Ammn. Colm.

War Diary.