Alf Smith letter 17 July 1916

July 17 16


Dear Father


Just a few lines to let you know I am still somewhere in France.  We came here last Saturday.  It is rather pretty round here but very quiet.  We are living in the middle of a wood; I don’t care much for this place it is rather rough after where we have been but I expect we shall have make the best of it until we get another move.

Our present address is Pte. A.A. Smith No 27521 No 7 Platoon B Company 9th Essex Regt B.E.F. France.  I expect you will think it funny putting it here but we are not allowed to put it on top of a letter.

It was very kind of Mrs. Warman to write to me I was very pleased to receive her letter.  Will you please say that I will answer it as soon as possible but we have been confined to camp ever since we came here & it is a job to get hold of any writing paper.

I should be glad if you would send me a Sunday Pictorial occasionally we don’t get very much news along.

Glad to say I am quite well.  Have you heard anything of Albert Taylor lately?

I hope you are in the best of health also Jess & Ethel.


With much love from

Your devoted




P.S. I reckon you would laugh to see me now I have had a prison hair cut; but one cannot study looks in the army it is much cleaner to have it cut short.

In case you cannot make out the three letters to the address it is B.E.F. I did not put it very plain.