18 DA 29 June 1916


To,                                                                                                       A.B. No 240/50

Officers Commanding

as under.


Herewith copy of map of alternative route across our trenches prepared for use in the event of an advance.


Please pass quickly and the last named to return to this office.


A.F. Brooke

Captain R.A.

Brigade Major R.A., 18/Div.

H.Q. R.A. 18/Div.

28th June 1916


To, O.C. Right Group

Initialled 28/6/16     84/84


O.C. Left Group.

Initialled A.T. 29/6/16   D1/111


O.C. Centre Group.

Signed G. ***** R.F.A. F 682


Return to,

H.Q. R.A. 18/Div